Effective January 2018: Iowa City residents that receive curbside yard waste collection no longer have to purchase City of Iowa City yard waste bags or annual stickers. Similar to trash and recycling fees, there is now a $2 charge on your monthly utility bill for this service.

Yard waste such as grass, leaves, and garden residue can be bagged in a paper yard waste bag or placed in a yard waste container (20-35 gallons in size, limit of 50 pounds). Iowa City residents that receive curbside yard waste collection no longer have to purchase City of Iowa City yard waste bags or annual stickers--any comparable paper yard waste bag is fine and containers no longer require a sticker.

Open burning of yard waste and other refuse is prohibited in Iowa City at all times.

Christmas tree collection

Residents who receive City of Iowa City collection services may leave Christmas trees (natural trees only, no artificial) at the curb for pickup on their regular garbage day from Monday, January 8 - Friday, February 2. The trees will be picked up for no additional charge and will be composted at the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center. Please do not place your tree in a plastic bag, and make sure to remove all decorations, garland, lights, etc.  If you would like to dispose of an artificial tree, for an additional fee, please call 356-5151 to arrange for pickup.

Yard waste collection break: February 5 - March 16

Iowa City will be suspending weekly route yard waste/food waste collection services February 5  2018 - Friday, March 16, 2018.  This service adjustment is being done to conserve fuel and limit expenses during late winter when there is minimal use of the service. However, yard waste/food waste collection service will continue to be offered during this period by appointment. Call the Transportation and Resource Management Division at 319-356-5151 24-hours prior to their regular collection day to request pick up service. 

Food waste

Food waste is also picked up at the curb. Please see www.icgov.org/foodwaste for more information on reducing food waste and the curbside pickup service. 

Woody yard waste

An example of an appropriately-sized yard waste bundle.
Iowa City residents who have City of Iowa City curbside garbage pick-up service may place fallen tree limbs, branches, brush and woody yard waste at the curb for pick-up on their normal garbage day only if it meets the following specifications: wood waste and brush must be four inches in diameter or less and must be securely tied in bundles that are no bigger around than 18 inches and no more than 48 inches in length. Bundles must also weigh less than 50 pounds. Any brush not meeting the specifications listed above will be left at the curb.