Willow Creek Park
Willow Creek Park
1117 Teg Drive

27.2 acres 

Acquired in 1972

Amenities include

  • Playground (poured in place rubber surface)
  • Picnic Shelter (1)
  • Rectangular Picnic Tables
  • Grill
  • Restrooms
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Adult Changing Station (located in restroom)
  • Benches (with back rest)
  • Softball/Baseball Rec Fields
  • Hospice Memorial Garden
  • Trails (mostly paved, some natural sections)
  • Open Space
  • Natural Area
  • On-street parking

Accessibility Notes: Accessibility improvements were completed on the playground, restroom, and shelter in 2020. The restroom includes an adult changing station. The play equipment features an accessible, poured in place rubber surface and a variety of play features for a wide range of users, including a ramp accessing the main play structure, accessible and belted wings, multi-user tandem swing with tot seat, and more. Paved sidewalk access is provided to play equipment, shelter, and restrooms, and open grass rec areas. Trails throughout the park are a mix of paved and natural. ADA curb ramp access located along Teg Dr., along W. Benton Street, and at the corner of Teg & Benton.

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