The Iowa City Water Division maintains and operates its entire system to meet all national and state regulations and requirements for drinking water systems. We are also a member of the American Water Work Association, and integrate Association standards and best practices into our programs. Specific water standards, specification, and policies for water work within the Iowa City water distribution system also apply. Water forms and applications are required to be submitted by customers and contractors for certain water work and system operation requests.

Certain work completed within the water system has associated fees collected. A list of fees and current rates may be found on the City of Iowa City Water Division Schedule of Fees, Deposits, and Charges.

Water Standards, Specifications, and Policies

Work completed on any part of the Iowa City water distribution system must meet minimum standards as set out in the most current versions of City of Iowa City Code, Interim Iowa City Municipal Design Standards, city approved specifications, and Water Division policy and procedures. Only materials approved by the Iowa City Water Division may be used in the Iowa City water distribution system, including all attached private water services.

Iowa City Municipal Design Standards Part 7 – Water Distribution System

Iowa City Supplemental Specifications

Accepted Products for Water Distribution Materials

City of Iowa City Water Division Policies and Procedures Manual

Water Forms and Applications

The Water Division is working towards providing all external Water Division related forms and applications online for easy access by its customers. If there are any questions about what form is needed or how to fill out a form, contact the Water Division at 319-356-5160.

Project Materials List – Water (for submittal with water construction work documentation)

Portable Water Meter Rental Application

Water Shutdown Application

Water Tap Application