A permit is required to own and/or operate a motorized vehicle furnished with a driver and carrying passengers. Includes taxicab, limousine, pedicab and horse-drawn vehicles. A number of requirements must be met before the application and application fee can be processed by the City Clerk.

Current Businesses

Big Ten Taxicab - Rate Card

Pedal Power - Rate Card (Pedicab)

Des Bike - Rate Card (Pedicab)

D-Taxi - Rate Card (Pedicab)

Taxicab Complaint Form

Listing of taxi business

Application and fee information

TAXI (RES 15-36)

       Taxicab Fees (RES 16-191)

       Business unique color scheme application (new)

        Previously approved business color scheme application

        Driver Application (includes motorized pedicabs)

       Business Application

       Decal Application

         Returned Taxicab Decal Acknowledgement

       Business Authorization Statement

        Rate Card Authorization Statement

PEDICAB/Horse Drawn :

      Non-motorized Pedicab/Horse Drawn Business Application

      Non-motorized Pedicab/Horse Drawn Driver Application

      Pedicab Color Scheme Application

      Pedicab/Horse Drawn Decal Application

Administrative Rules

             AR-1 (Metered only) Taxicab Unique Color Scheme (by Police Department) 8/3/15

             AR-2 Metered and Network Drivers and Photo Identification Card (by City Clerk) 8/24/16

             AR-3 Metered and Network Business License (by City Clerk) 6/9/16

             AR-4 Metered and Network Drivers Review (by Police Chief) January 2017

             AR-5 Metered and Network Insurance (by Risk Manager) 2/10/15

             AR-6 Metered and Network Taxicab Vehicle Inspection (By Equipment Division) 8/26/21   

*Department of Criminal Investigation background check may be applied for in the City Clerk's Office.

Contact: City Clerk's Office 319-356-5040