FY 2023 - 2028 Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for FY 2023 - 2028 (CY 2022 - 2028) was approved by City Council on December 6, 2022 and outlines the City's vision, values, and strategies and primary areas of focus of City policy, projects, programs, and initiatives over a six year period. This Strategic Plan builds on the City's previous plans to foster a more inclusive, just and sustainable Iowa City by prioritizing the physical, mental and economic well-being of all residents.


  • Partnerships and Engagement
  • Climate Action
  • Racial equity, social justice, and human rights

Impact Areas & Strategies

​Neighborhoods & Housing

  • Update the City Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code to encourage compact neighborhoods with diverse housing types and land uses.
  • Partner in projects that serve as models for desired future development.
  • Create inviting and active outdoor spaces with unique and engaging recreation offerings.
  • Address the unique needs of vulnerable populations and low-to-moderate income neighborhoods.


  • Expand the access and convenience of environmentally friendly and regionally connected public transit.
  • Design and maintain complete streets that are comfortable and safe for all users.
  • Grow and prioritize bike and pedestrian accommodations.


  • Reinforce Iowa City as a premier community to locate and grow a business.
  • Ensure appropriate infrastructure is in place for future business growth and development.
  • Cultivate a strong entrepreneurial and small businesses ecosystem with a focus on creating new pathways to success for systemically marginalized populations.
  • Build Iowa City’s image as the Greatest Small City for the Arts.
  • Strengthen the Iowa River’s role as a signature community amenity and tourism generator.

Safety & Well-being

  • Implement and expand innovative public safety models and facilities to improve outcomes and relationships within the community.
  • Partner with non-profits to address the most emergent and foundational community safety and well-being needs.
  • Build community by fostering social connections and developing safe, accessible public spaces for gathering.


Facilities, Equipment & Technology

  • Invest in the next generation of public facilities and equipment to create immediate operational efficiencies, boost workplace safety, health, and morale, and improve cross-department collaboration.
  • Promote high performance governance leveraging technology, partnerships, and innovation.


  • Establish the City of Iowa City as an employer of choice in the region with a pay plan, benefits package, and flexible work options that attract and retain high-quality and motivated public service employees.
  • Carry out a multi-dimensional staff engagement initiative to ensure every City employee feels welcome, informed, involved, and engaged at work.
  • Build a diverse talent pipeline.


  • Grow the tax base, consider alternative revenue sources, and leverage outside funding to maintain core services and pursue community priorities while maintaining equitable property tax rates.
  • Exercise fiscal responsibility by maintaining and growing assigned and emergency reserve funds and prudent debt management.


Former Strategic Plans