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Save some money and reduce waste by fixing what you already own instead of buying new. Mending torn clothing, adding a coat of paint to an old table, or replacing a damaged bike tire are just a few examples of “making do” instead of buying new.  

Websites listed below are not exhaustive and do not reflect City endorsement or support of products and services. Follow all safety precautions when doing your own repairs. For broken or expired safety devices, such as bike helmets, child car seats, and smoke detectors, it is recommended that these devices be replaced instead of repaired. 

This page provides a variety of repair resources and tutorials for different areas of home and lifestyle. 

Online Repair Resources 

Looking for simple and affordable ways to fix or repair items around the house yourself? The following websites have a wealth of information for those interested in Do-It-Yourself (DIY), and have a large library of tutorials for all sorts of common at-home items.

Some of us are not DIY-ers, and that is fine. There are plenty of professional repair options available in our community. 

For local repair services in the area, view the Iowa City Area Repair Directory. 

map of repair resources in the area

Repair Categories

Below are featured tutorials, with tons more available at the online repair resources. For more DIY tutorials and repair recommendations, explore the websites above.

This list is updated on a regular basis as details change or more resources become available. Know of a website like this that is not on this list? Reach out to the Recycling Coordinator at for consideration.

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a sink and sink plumbing


Clothing, Accessories, and Household Items

mending clothing with a needle and thread


Home Improvement






    a broken ceramic mug and tarnished silverware

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