The City of Iowa City is transitioning to IonWave as our eProcurement tool. As this system goes live, more information will be posted on how to register as a vendor and receive bid notifications. If you are already registered with the City to receive bid notifications, information will be emailed to you directly.

All purchases for City operations above $5,000 must be coordinated through the Purchasing Division. A specification or Request for Proposal process is used, depending on the type of product or service to be acquired. See "Current Construction Bids" bids for public works projects costing $25,000 or more.

All completed bid forms must be filed with the Office of the City Clerk, 410 E. Washington Street, Iowa City, IA 52240-1826 by the specified date and local time in order to be eligible for consideration. Proposals must be sealed and clearly marked with bid number on the face of the envelope.

POSTING OF BID DOCUMENTS AND ADDENDA: The City of Iowa City posts its bids and addenda on this web site. It is the bidder's responsibility to visit this web site to insure that they have received all important addenda or revisions to the Invitation to Bid prior to bidding.

Sign up to subscribe to e-mail notification when the most recent bids for commodities and services are posted! If you are a new subscriber, there is no need to mail any information or applications. Potential bidders: To help ensure receipt of e-mail notices, subscribing a permanent company e-mail address not tied to an individual is suggested. In addition, sign up two individuals from the same company to cover absences. Finally, it is the responsibility of potential bidders to periodically and regularly check the Iowa City website for open bids and not rely entirely on the delivery of e-mail notices. Failure to keep e-mail address current may result in delay or failure to receive an e-mail notification.

View the Purchasing Division’s General Terms and Conditions.

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