A mural and a statue are shown in Downtown Iowa City.

The Iowa City Public Art Program's mission is to enhance our public spaces, to capitalize on Iowa City's reputation as a cultural center, and to build on Iowa City's image as a vital place to live and work. By providing Arts and Culture programs that educate, entertain, stimulate and engage the public, Iowa City works to support the vitality of its diverse population, preserve and interpret Iowa City’s rich heritage, and enhance the desirability of Iowa City as a residence and destination.

The Public Art Advisory Committee was established to oversee the operations of the Public Art program and advise the City Council on potential sites that can be enhanced by the addition of public art and also recommend various pieces of artwork.

Iowa City Public Art Brochure 2018

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Request for Proposal

Performance Art

The Iowa City Public Art program was created in 1997 to enhance the appearance of the city through the selection and integration of art in the public environment.  This year, the Iowa City Public Art Program has set aside funds for performance arts. Typical examples of performance art include but are not limited to: dance, music, opera, theater, drama, mime, magic, puppetry, oratory and circus arts. Performance art may also include digital, projection and light art pieces.

Performance Art Proposal Application

Deadline for Submission

Friday, July 19th 5:00 PM

Review of submissions by the Public Art Advisory Committee

Thursday, August 1st 3:30 PM (applicants should attempt to be available)

Notification of PAAC decision

Friday, August 9th

Performance Completion

No later than October 31, 2019

Maximum request for funding is $2000.
General Requirements
  • Events must be publicly accessible and viewable within Iowa City
  • Performances may occur on public or private property (approval of owner required)
  • Events must be performance-based
  • Events must occur by or before October 31, 2019
Ineligible Events
  • Those that do not have the arts as their primary focus
  • Those intending to influence public policy or to proselytize a belief
  • Those that advertise or promote a for-profit business
  • Those for which patrons will be charged admission
  • Events with a primary focus of fundraising
Eligible Expenses
  • Materials, supplies and equipment necessary for the creation of the performance/event
  • Wages/stipend for artists/performers/technicians to create the work
  • Promotional expenses associated with printing/signage/etc. (Note* The City of Iowa City will assist with promotion via press releases and social media outlets)
  • Food/beverage during the event
Ineligible Expenses
  • Fees to secure a site (permits, purchasing land)
  • Fees for coordination of the event
Eligible Applicants
  • Organizations, schools, individuals and government units located within Iowa City such as:
  • Individual artists/organizers
  • Nonprofit 501(c) (3) arts organizations
  • Privately owned/operated businesses
Selection Criteria
  • Performance proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the Public Art Advisory Committee based on the following criteria:
  • Verification that the proposed performance location is publicly accessible and available on the proposed performance date.
  • Ability of the artist/applicant to complete the proposal within the proposed time frame and budget.
  • Commitment of proposed partners involved in the project. Application should include verification of that support and a clear explanation of the responsibilities of each entity involved in the project.
  • Ability/willingness of the artist/applicant to work with the Public Art Advisory Committee and City staff.
  • Degree to which performance is appropriate for all demographics.
  • Event contributes to the identity and vitality of the community and promotes the image of Iowa City.
  • Verification that performance will not cause damage to event site.

Submissions are scheduled to be reviewed by the Iowa City Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) at their August 1, 2019 meeting which starts at 3:30 PM in the Helling Conference Room of the Iowa City - City Hall, 410 E. Washington St. Please contact Marcia Bollinger (Marcia-Bollinger@iowa-city.org or 319-356-5237) at the Iowa City Neighborhood and Development Services Department with questions or need for additional information.