The City of Iowa City is currently updating a portion of its Southwest District Plan which guides future development for land south of Melrose Avenue, west of the Iowa River, and north of Highway 1, to the western edge of town. The Plan was first adopted in 2002, and the City is extending new infrastructure west of U.S. Highway 218. Its completion, anticipated in 2023, will allow development in the South Rohret Subarea. The City is in the process of updating the South Rohret concept, and relevant background information, to make sure it aligns with the policies, preferences, and circumstances of Iowa City today.


Southwest District Plan Update Map
Southwest District Plan Update Map
Background. The City of Iowa City’s Comprehensive Plan, Iowa City 2030, serves as the roadmap for directing growth and change in Iowa City. Adopted in 2013, the plan describes a broad vision for the future of Iowa City and provides guidance on planning and development issues to achieve that vision over time. District Plans provide more detailed direction to address the unique issues and opportunities in the City’s ten planning districts.


Community Engagement. The character and future of Iowa City is set by the vision and commitment of the people who live and work here. As the South Rohret Subarea concept is updated, the City wants to encourage all interested stakeholders to participate and share their ideas. To learn more about how to participate, contact the project team or share your thoughts throughout the update process.



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