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Green Lawns Don't Have to Cost the Earth 

Together with the cities of Coralville and North Liberty, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, we’ve created Your Best Lawn. Cleaner water in our streams starts in your backyard. We can help you get a lawn you are proud of with less chemicals.

Check out our soil health contractor list and learn about the rebates we offer to help you pay for soil quality restoration service. You can receive a 50% rebate from the City for your soil quality restoration project. Rebates come on a first come, first serve basis.

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Graphic showing the benefits of soil quality restoration work done on a lawn.

Hear from happy Iowa City residents

"I had many bare spots in the front yard and the back yard. Every time I mowed I was kicking up lots of dust. Now all of the bare spots have been filled in with new great quality grass. It really looks good and healthy. No more soil erosion in the back yard."

-- W.B.

"The lawn restoration had a big impact in the quality of our lawn. The grass is thicker with less weeds"

-- Erik W.

"Lawn greens much faster and sustains the harsh heat much better than neighbors yard"

-- Patrick M.

"Our grass is so thick and lush after the soil restoration project. "

-- Eric A.