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Request for Qualifications

The City of Iowa City is soliciting qualifications submittals from interested consultants to provide professional engineering and design services for City projects. It is anticipated multiple consultants will be selected from this process, and the selected consultants will aid in the planning, design, bid document development, and limited construction period services for projects. Submittals in response to this Request for Qualifications will be used to evaluate and rate consultants for work on a variety of City projects. Successful consultants will be selected for each of the five (5) categories based on their expertise as demonstrated in their response to this Request for Qualifications. The successful candidates will be utilized for contracts approved through December 31, 2022. To submit qualifications, consultants must include information as described in the Request for Qualifications.  

The full Request for Qualifications can be found here.


Tentative timeline:         

  • Submittals are due no later than 4:00 p.m. on June 1, 2020.
  • Evaluation of submittals complete and scoring of consultants for on-call services approximately June 26, 2020.
  • Award of contracts is expected to vary between July 2020 and December 2022.

Responses to Inquiries

All inquiries must be made no later than Friday, May 22, 2020.

Question #1

Should submittals use the Project Reference Form template included in the Request for Qualifications or can the form be modified as long as the requested information is included?

Answer: The Project Reference Form should be used as provided in the Request for Qualifications.

Question #2

Should the submitted Project Reference Forms be included in the Reference Projects section, in an Appendix, or is it up to the discretion of the firm?

Answer: Project Reference Forms must be included as part of the submittal, but the location of the forms within the submittal is not specified, and will be at the discretion of the submitting consultant.

Question #3

When laying out the sections for Key Personnel, Reference Projects, and Project Approach, should the information be organized per section or per category (Bridges, Buildings and Architectural, Parks, etc.)?

Answer: The organizational layout of the submittal will be up to the individual firm. However, the City’s preference would be to organize the information by category.

Question #4

The Project Reference Form asks for similar information that would be provided in our standard language/format for reference projects under the Reference Projects section.  Are the Project Reference Forms in addition to the information provided previously?

Answer: The Project Reference Form should be used as provided in the Request for Qualifications. It will be at the discretion of the submitting consultant if information is also included in another part of the submittal.

Question #5

What is the suggested practice for providing billing rates that span the course of two years, noting annual compensation increases for consultants or is there an opportunity to revisit billing rates during scoping and negotiations for projects in 2022?

Answer: The submitted billing rates will be used for any contracts during the period covered by the Request for Qualifications. However, Consultants may include, as a part of their submittal, different billing rate schedules for each calendar year.

Question #6

Do objections or revisions to the City’s contact documents (Appendices A through C in the Request for Qualifications) count against the page limit for the Statement of Qualifications?

Answer: Objections to the City’s Agreement, Wage Theft Policy and/or Contract Compliance language must be documented in the submittal, but will not count towards a page limit.

Question #7

Does the Public Utilities category cover Wastewater Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant improvement projects (i.e. digester rehab and nutrient removal projects per the attached)?

Answer: The Request for Qualifications process will include utility distribution and collection system projects. The larger plant projects, such as those listed, will be handled under a different consultant selection process.

Question #8

The final attachment is the “Project Reference Form.”  Do you require this form be completed for each example project experience, or can we use our typical project information pages, or a combination of both?

Answer: The reference form in Appendix D must be submitted for a minimum of three (3) projects per category. Additional information for those or other projects may be provided as well, but the included form must be submitted for those projects at a minimum.

Question #9

Is it acceptable to propose as the prime consultant but also serve as a partner (subconsultant) to another firm for a specific category? 

Answer: Yes, it is acceptable to be included as a subconsultant on another firm’s submittal for a category in addition to submitting a package as a prime consultant. However, submittals are limited to one package per prime consultant.

Question #10

Is the Project Reference Form (Appendix D) supposed to reflect/reference the projects we are listing in the Reference Projects section?  Is this correct?  

Answer: Yes, the Reference Forms should reflect the projects you are including in the Reference Projects section. Any projects may be included in the Reference Projects section, but at least three (3) reference forms per section must be included.

Question #11

Will the selected pool of consultants be also used for Federal Aid projects or will separate individual RFQs be issued for those projects?

Answer: Consultants selected as a part of this Request for Qualifications process will be utilized on both Federal-Aid and non-Federal-Aid projects.

Question #12

Is the Gilbert Street bridge replacement project (CIP project # S3956) already under design? 

Answer: This project is not yet under design, and it is anticipated a consultant will be selected for design of this project as a part of this Request for Qualifications process.

Question #13

Will objections to the City’s contract terms and conditions preclude ability to be selected for projects?

Answer: Objections noted in the submittal will not necessarily eliminate the submitting firm from consideration, but the City will consider any objections as a part of the evaluation. The City intends to use these documents as presented, and objections may negatively impact the how submittals are ranked. 

Question #14

If a firm is unable to include three (3) fully completed trail projects, will the firm be eliminated from consideration in that category?

Answer: No, firms would not be eliminated from consideration. While completed projects are preferred, current projects may also be included.

Question #15

Can trails be addressed under the Street Improvements category if representative street projects included shared use paths?

Answer: The project(s) may be used for more than one category. However, the project should be listed in the Reference Projects section for each category in which it is to be considered.