Project Summary

The project corridor is along the back yards of the residential properties between Nevada Avenue and Regal Lane from Lakeside Drive to Whispering Meadow Drive. The project generally includes: sanitary sewer pipes, sanitary sewer manholes, sanitary sewer service reconnection, street pavement, driveways, seeding, and sidewalk.

The existing sanitary sewer system has a variety of deficiencies. Rehabilitation of the existing pipes was not possible. Approximately 1,000 linear feet of new pipe will be installed to replace the existing deficient pipe. Sanitary sewer services will be reconnected to the new main. The areas excavated for installation will be restored with pavement, seeding, or sod. Fences will be restored to the edge of existing permanent utility easements, which will provide a twenty-foot wide grassed corridor for future maintenance or repair activities.

Tentative Schedule

  1. Light Construction Activities Begin: March 2022
  2. Main Construction Starts: April 2022
  3. Construction Completion: October 2022


Joe Welter, PE, PMP, Senior Engineer, City of Iowa City Engineering Division
Phone: (319) 356-5144

Contractor: B.G. Brecke of Cedar Rapids
Phone: 319-396-7055

A map of the Nevada Avenue Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project.