Melrose Avenue/IWV Road Improvement Plan News


The Melrose Ave / IWV Road Improvement Project includes the following

  1. The existing 22' roadway will be widened to include two 12-foot lanes and a five-foot paved shoulder on both sides, a three-foot gravel shoulder on the south side of the roadway, and a five-foot gravel shoulder on the north side was widened to accommodate the maintenance of traffic during construction.
  2. Improvements will be made as necessary on private driveways.
  3. Six existing culverts under Melrose Avenue / IWV Road will be removed and five culverts will be replaced to maintain and improve drainage.  The drainage area of two existing culverts has been combined and only one new culvert will be replaced.
  4. A 12” water main will be extended on the north side of Melrose Avenue / IWV Road from the existing water main stub at Slothower Road to Hebl Avenue, where it will continue on the east side of Hebl Avenue and be extended into the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center for future connection. 
  5. A new fiber network connection will be provided from the City to the Iowa City Landfill. 

Project Summary

Melrose Avenue / IWV Road from Highway 218 to Hebl Avenue is an important link for the residents of the County and the City. It's a roadway with common interest and responsibility and needs improvements to serve the current and anticipated future transportation needs. The County and the City agreed to share Engineering Design, Construction Management, and Construction costs associated with these improvements. A consultant agreement with Anderson-Bogert Engineers & Surveyors, Inc. of Cedar Rapids was approved in July 2019 for full design and construction phase services and the cost of their services will be shared with Johnson County.

If you have any questions about the project, you can contact

A map of the Melrose Avenue/IWV Road Improvements Project

Tentative Schedule

  • Private Utility relocations: Began in June 2021
  • Construction Start Date: July 12, 2021
  • Critical Closure to accommodate removal and replacement of culverts: Late July – Early August 2021
  • Estimated Completion Date: November 2022


The City is responsible for 50% of the total consultant fee for design and construction services including construction inspection. The remaining 50% of the fee will be paid for by Johnson County. Funding for the roadway improvements will be provided by Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) Program funding (80% reimbursement of eligible costs up to $930,000), General Obligation Bonds, and contribution from Johnson County. Construction of the water main from Slothower Road to the Landfill will be funded by Landfill Revenues. 


Melissa Clow
Special Project Administrator
City of Iowa City Engineering Division