Iowa City Bicycle Master Plan News

Iowa City Bicycle Master Plan graphic

The final draft of the Iowa City Bicycle Master Plan was adopted by the Iowa City City Council on Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017. 

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Iowa City Bike Master Plan Background 

Learn how the Iowa City Bicycle Master Plan was created. 

How did we get here? 

Take a look at the various tools used to identify the proposed network and facility types. This includes mapping of destinations and sources of ridership and as well as input gathered through the online mapping tool, surveys, and previous workshop.

For questions or to provide feedback, email Sarah Walz at

About the Plan 

The Bicycle Master Plan envisions Iowa City as a community where people of all ages and abilities have access to a comfortable, safe, and connected network of bicycle facilities, and where bicycling is an integral part of daily life and culture, creating affordable access to recreation, jobs, schools, and other essential activities.

Building upon other City planning efforts, the plan will create a framework for expanding Iowa City’s bicycle network, expanding the role that bicycling plays in achieving the City’s stated goals for transportation, economic development, neighborhood livability, community identity, safety, environmental preservation, and health and wellness.

Through comprehensive and inclusive public input and careful analysis, the plan will identify near- and long-term strategies and prioritized actions for increasing bicycle ridership, comfort, connectivity, and safety for bicyclists of all ages and abilities throughout Iowa City. This includes identifying a set of timely actions and improvements to achieve a League of American Bicyclists “Bike Friendly Community” GOLD Status.

The Iowa City City Council has made it a strategic priority to attain the League of American Bicyclists GOLD Bike Friendly Community status. Read the feedback from our 2013 application. 

Consultant Webpage 

Visit the consultant's webpage for additional information on the bike plan. 

A graphic of the Bike Shorts video series

Bike Shorts 

The City of Iowa City is producing a series of short videos, or video shorts, that will focus on bicycle education and safety.

The series called “Bike Shorts” is a follow-up to the Bicycle Master Plan. Each video will run 30 to 60 seconds, and are meant for sharing with your friends, family and co-workers online through Facebook and Twitter using #ICBikeShorts.

The videos, which will feature local bicyclists, will cover a range of topics, anything from fixing a flat tire to locking your bike, to trail etiquette and navigating a roundabout.

You can find the videos online at, and on the City of Iowa City Facebook page and Twitter feed. Keep an eye out for updates! We’ll add more “Bike Shorts” as they are completed. 


How to register your bicycle 

Registering your bike with the Iowa City Police Department can help with locating and recovering if it's stolen or impounded. Watch this quick video to learn how to register your bike. 

How to pass a bicyclist 

Part of sharing the road includes knowing the correct way to safely pass a bicyclist. Watch this short video to learn the proper etiquette when going around cyclists. 

Using proper hand signals

For any cyclist, using hand signals is very important. It’s equally important for drivers to understand what they mean. Watch this short video to learn the proper signals.

How to lock a bike

This may seem like a simple task, but improperly locking your bike could leave you without transportation. Follow these simple steps ensure the safety of your bicycle.

Trail Etiquette

Iowa City has a lot of trails that are great for biking, but you want to make sure to follow these basic rules of etiquette.

Prepare Your Bike for Spring

If you are digging your bike out of storage from the winter, or just looking to do some regular maintenance, here is a simple checklist to follow before hitting the road.

Safety for Kids

Watch to learn some easy tips that can help keep young riders safe while riding bikes.

Using the Bike Rack on a City Bus

Did you know that all buses in the City’s Transit System are equipped with bike racks? Combining these two modes of transportation is a great way to stay fit, save money, reduce pollution, and get where you need to go!

How to Change a Bike Tire

Changing a flat tire on your bicycle may seem intimidating, but replacing it can be easy following a few simple steps. Ryan from World of Bikes breaks down the process.

Choosing the Correct Bike

Picking the correct bike for your needs is extremely important. The owner of Geoff's Bike and Ski helps break down some of the different types of bicycles.

Riding Your Bike at Night

Whether you are heading to a specific destination or just enjoying a leisurely ride, cycling at night can be exhilarating experience when you take the proper precautions. Michael from The Broken Spoke explains how to safely ride your bicycle at night.

Planning Your Bike Route

By planning ahead, you can be prepared for your ride and avoid many safety hazards along the way. Watch for some simple tips on how to be prepared with a planned route.

Riding During the Winter

While winter comes with some unique challenges, cycling in the snow is still a healthy way to get where you’re going. Watch to learn tips to make your bicycling commute safe and comfortable.

How to Use Bike Boxes

Bike boxes can make busy intersections safe for cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians. Watch this short video to learn how they work.

Lane Positioning

One of the keys to bicycling safely on the road is choosing the appropriate lane position. Watch this short video for some helpful tips.

There are plenty of good reasons for University of Iowa students to choose biking as the way to get around Iowa City. Watch this short video for some helpful tips for getting around town.