Iowa City Bicycle Master Plan News

Public Review

We invite you to review some of the materials presented at our second public workshop, held on May 25, 2017 at the Iowa City Senior Center. Consultants from Alta and RDG discussed the network and proposed facilities as well as program and policy recommendations. 

The proposed network by sub-area

  • Southeast: South of Court St. and east of the river
  • Northeast: North of Kirkwood and east of the river
  • West: Iowa City west of the river
  • Central: the Downtown and Campus areas

How did we get here?

Take a look at the various tools used to identify the proposed network and facility types. This includes mapping of destinations and sources of ridership and as well as input gathered through the online mapping tool, surveys, and previous workshop.

If you have questions or would like to provide feedback email

About the Plan 

The Bicycle Master Plan envisions Iowa City as a community where people of all ages and abilities have access to a comfortable, safe, and connected network of bicycle facilities, and where bicycling is an integral part of daily life and culture, creating affordable access to recreation, jobs, schools, and other essential activities.

Building upon other City planning efforts, the plan will create a framework for expanding Iowa City’s bicycle network, expanding the role that bicycling plays in achieving the City’s stated goals for transportation, economic development, neighborhood livability, community identity, safety, environmental preservation, and health and wellness.

Through comprehensive and inclusive public input and careful analysis, the plan will identify near- and long-term strategies and prioritized actions for increasing bicycle ridership, comfort, connectivity, and safety for bicyclists of all ages and abilities throughout Iowa City. This includes identifying a set of timely actions and improvements to achieve a League of American Bicyclists “Bike Friendly Community” GOLD Status.

The Iowa City City Council has made it a strategic priority to attain the League of American Bicyclists GOLD Bike Friendly Community status. Read the feedback from our 2009 application. 

Plan Background Elements 

Review the Goals and Visions for the plan, as well as the overview of Iowa City’s Current Bicycling Conditions Report.

Consultant Webpage 

Visit the consultant's webpage for additional information on the bike plan.