The Fairchild Street Reconstruction Project summary

A map of the Fairchild Street Reconstruction Project.
  • Reconstruction of the existing brick street between Clinton Street and Linn Street. The work will include the removal and salvage of the existing brick street. Then the street will be rebuilt with a new concrete base and re-installation of the brick surface with new concrete curb and gutter while also preserving the historic character of the street.
  • The replacement of sidewalk along Fairchild Street and new curb ramps at the intersection to provide ADA accessibility for pedestrians.
  • A new, upgraded eight-inch water main will be installed.
  • New storm sewer piping and intakes will also be added.

Tentative schedule

  • Construction Start Date: Fall 2022
  • Construction End Date: Summer 2023

Throughout the project, different sections of Fairchild Street will be closed to accommodate reconstruction. The City anticipates half of the project construction to be completed in Fall 2022. Any remaining work will be completed in the spring and early summer of 2023. Fairchild Street will be open in drivable conditions between Clinton Street and Linn Street over the winter.


  • What are the benefits?
    • A restored brick paver roadway will provide a safe travel surface for vehicles.  Accessibility for pedestrians will be improved with a new sidewalk along the north and south side of Fairchild Street. Installation of a new water main along the south side of Fairchild Street with new service connections, and new storm sewer piping and intakes will provide more adequate drainage.  
  • How long will my home or business be impacted? 
    • The project is in the final stages of planning. Construction is expected to begin Fall of 2022 and end Summer of 2023. There is a possibility that site restoration work will carry over into Spring 2023. Project phasing will be finalized as we get further along in the design.
  • How will I be able to access my home or business during construction? 
    • Homes with direct access to Fairchild Street will be impacted, however, designers will work to reduce impacts to properties by phasing work and the installation of temporary gravel access drives. Short durations of driveway closures will be necessary for some sidewalk, utility installations, and reconstruction of the driveway approaches. Meetings will be scheduled with individual residents and businesses directly accessing Fairchild Street to discuss access impacts.
  • What will the impact be on me or my property? 
    • A few trees in the city right-of-way will need to be removed. Installation of new water, storm sewer mains, and services to the city right-of-way line will cause short periods of outages. Temporary construction easements will be necessary to complete work outside of the right of way. During construction, there will also be regular construction noise and dust during the work which will be limited to the hours of 7 am to 10 pm; the exception is for saw cutting of concrete, the timing of which is critical and may be required at off-hours.
  • Who will the contractor be? 
    • After the project design is complete, the City will advertise for Contractors to review plans and submit bids for construction. After bids are received, they will be reviewed and Public Works staff will recommend award to Council based on bid results.  This process will take place in the summer of 2022.
  • What might cause delays? 
    • Excavating for a new roadway and utility installations may turn up a few surprises, such as abandoned and unknown utility lines. As with any construction project, the weather is a factor that can cause delays at all phases of construction

Project Contact

Alin Dumachi, Senior Civil Engineer
City of Iowa City – Engineering Division