An image of construction work happening in the Ped MAll
The Iowa City Downtown and Pedestrian Mall Streetscape Master Plan was adopted by the Iowa City City Council in 2014.The plan includes a site assessment of existing conditions, synopsis of stakeholder and public input, and the general planning framework for the district. The plan guides future utility and streetscape investments by the City of Iowa City over the next 10 to 15 years.

Current project work is focused on Iowa City's Downtown Pedestrian Mall, work has been completed on Washington Street. 

Pedestrian Mall Improvements Project 

The Pedestrian Mall Improvements Project is part of the larger Downtown and Pedestrian Mall Streetscape Plan. The project will improve accessibility, infrastructure and the look and feel of the area, featuring new amenities like lighting, plantings and accents that celebrate Iowa City's uniqueness and its cultural footprint in the area. 


new brick placed on the Iowa City Ped Mall
This project includes two phases. The first phase, located on Dubuque Street from College to Washington streets, includes the Dubuque and College Street intersection, as well as Black Hawk Mini Park, and is anticipated to be complete in fall 2018.

The second and final phase, located on College Street, from Clinton to Linn streets, is expected to be finished in fall 2019. 

All businesses will reopen open and accessible. View the project's phasing sheets

An image of the phasing sheet for the Ped Mall Improvements Project

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