Dodge Street construction map.
Dodge Street Construction Project

A major future construction project is set transform Dodge Street from Governor to Burlington.

The project will repave a 1.2 mile stretch of Dodge Street when the two-year project is expected to start in 2023.

The project will  take place along North Dodge Street, from North Governor Street to East Burlington Street, and focuses on the the one-way, southbound portion of the road. The project will pass through four Historic or Conservation districts.

The project will center around the replacement of failing pavement and a portion of the public utilities within the corridor, some of which are more than 100 years old.

Four traffic signals throughout the project will be replaced. The storm sewer system is planned to be replaced in order to help reduce potential for flooding. Curb location is not expected to change; however, most or all of it will be replaced for accessibility improvements.

This spring of 2019, the lanes on Dodge Street will be restriped to provide narrower motor vehicle lanes and make room for a buffered on-street southbound bicycle lane. The new bicycle lane will remain after the reconstruction is completed.

Timeline for project

All of the stated times are tentative due to the project still being years away.

  1. Draft functional design report and plans: May 2019
  2. Functional design complete: June 2019
  3. Preliminary and final design: 2020-2021
  4. Construction: 2023-2024

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For more information, contact Scott Sovers, Senior Civil Engineer, at or at 319-356-5142.