Iowa City is currently considering a proposed sharpshooting approach to reduce the growing population of deer within city limits.

In February 2018, City Council directed staff to request permission of the Iowa Natural Resources Commission to allow the City to cull the deer herd this upcoming winter by means of sharpshooting.  The City managed its deer population for approximately 10 years by means of sharp shooting from 2000 to 2010.  The Iowa Natural Resources Commission denied the City’s request in May and suggested that the City seek input from the community.  Staff organized an informal committee consisting of staff members and community members to hear from the community at a public forum and to report back to City Council. 

After the community forum, the committee issued a memo to City Council, which is available below. The City Council then directed staff to make a second request to the Natural Resources Commission for permission to sharpshoot and that letter is also available below under "Documents". The City's request was heard by the Natural Resources Commission at its December 13 meeting and was denied. For more information, see the "Memo from the City Manager" shown below, dated March 6, 2019.


Public Input

The community was invited to attend a public input meeting to discuss deer population management  on Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018, at City Hall, 410 E. Washington St.

City staff presented a short history of the City’s deer management, which is included in the document entitled “Council Information Packet:  Urban Wildlife-Deer.” Tony DeNicola of White Buffalo, Inc. presented the study completed last winter on the estimate of the deer population in Iowa City, which is Exhibit B to the document entitled “Letter to Natural Resources Commission.”  The meeting will was then opened up for comments and questions from the public (limited to 3 minutes per person). 

Watch the public input meeting below:


Deer Management Update: March 2019