Project Summary

The existing 2nd Avenue Bridge over Ralston Creek was built in 1969. The 2019 Structure Inventory and Appraisal of the bridge rated it as in serious condition and replacement was recommended. The streambank channel was also noted as having widespread minor damage with bank slump. Spalling, cracks, and fractures can be seen, and the bridge is posted with a 10-ton weight embargo due to its poor condition. Lastly, the bridge does not meet current safety standards with no traffic barrier separating pedestrians from vehicles.   

The 2nd Avenue Bridge Reconstruction Project includes the following

  • Removal and replacement of the existing two-lane concrete bridge with a new two-lane bridge designed to meet local and state guidelines for traffic and pedestrians with aesthetics to improve and enhance the neighborhood views of the creek. 
  • Improved streambank stabilization upstream and downstream of the new bridge, including channel reconstruction to the north. 
  • Sidewalk improvements on the east side of 2nd Avenue, connecting the existing sidewalk south of F Street to the Court Hill Trail on the north side of the bridge.
  • Connection of water main dead ends on the north and south sides of the existing bridge. Storm sewer outfall improvements north and south of the new bridge. Abandonment or removal of existing sanitary sewer that is no longer in use.

Tentative Schedule

Final Plans: Spring 2021

Construction Start Date: Fall 2021 – Spring 2022


Due to the condition of the bridge, the City qualified for Federal-aid through the City Bridge Program. This program is administered by the Iowa Department of Transportation and provides 80% reimbursement for participating costs associated with the bridge replacement.


Melissa A Clow, EI, LEED AP
Special Projects Administrator, City of Iowa City Engineering Division
Phone: 319-356-5413. Email: