An image of Iowa City Council member and mayor Jim Throgmorton.
Jim Throgmorton
At-Large, Mayor
Work Unit: 
814 Ronalds Street
Iowa City, IA

By email

All correspondence addressed to the City Council becomes a permanent public record and is archived by the City. Emails to Council should be sent to The sender must include their full name. Unsigned correspondence will not be forwarded to the City Council. Address is optional. All Council Members are provided a City email address and that is the only address that will be provided for City business.

Term in office

Second term: Jan. 2, 2016 to Jan. 2, 2020

Mayor second term (elected by council): Jan. 2, 2018 - Jan. 2, 2020


B.A. (1966), University of Notre Dame
M.S. (1972) community development, University of Louisville
Ph.D. (1983) urban and regional planning, University of California at Los Angeles


Barbara Eckstein (wife), Zoe Eckstein (daughter), PatrickThrogmorton (son), Paul Throgmorton (son), Min Dong Throgmorton (daughter-in-law)


Reading, hiking, bicycling, exploring cities and natural areas.

Iowa City residency

Since August 1986 


Retired U of Iowa Emeritus Professor

Other community services/organizations involvement

I participate in or contribute to a fairly large number of local public interest and not-for-profit organizations.