This page may be used to guide you through the process of retrieving information about rental properties via the Permit Activity Look-Up.

If you don't know the parcel # for the property, type in the address of the property in the prompts provided and click search. Note : You may find that the less information you enter in the search fields, the better. If your search returns too many results, you can always perform another search with additional information. For example, entering BR for street name will return all parcels on Brown, Bristol, Brookfield, etc.

After you click the search link, a page will be displayed showing all the addresses it found. If your search returned over 25 parcels, you might have to use the "next" link to view additional pages. When you find the property you were looking for, click on its link to display specific information about that parcel. About halfway down this page, you will see a section titled "Cases Associated With This Parcel Record". All cases start with a three-letter prefix, and the prefix for rental permits is REN. If there is a rental permit on this property, there will be a link to case that starts with REN. Clicking on that link will display a page where you can view all recorded inspector activities at that property. At this time, violation letters are not viewable across the web, although if one was sent, you can see that fact, as well as the date it was sent.

Activities for rental cases

Send Renewal Letter - This is the activity that lists the date the licensing renewal letter was sent to the owner/property manager.

Licensing Inspection - After a rental permit expires, it will need to be inspected. This activity is for the first inspection after the permit expires.

Re-Inspection - If violations are found, they will need to be corrected within an allotted amount of time, and then the property will be inspected again to see if the violations have been fixed. This activity is for those subsequent inspections after the first one.

HQS Inspections - Any inspection category listed as HQS is a federally mandated inspection for Section 8 housing.

Notice of Violation Sent - Lists the date the inspector sent a notice of violation letter to the owner/property manager.

All the inspection activities (licensing, re-inspection, and HQS inspections) will have status associated with them. You can find the status in the column on the far right. The inspection status will be one of the following:

PASS - The property has passed its inspection.
FAIL - The property has failed its inspection.
XTND - The inspection has been granted an extension due to weather or other reasons.
NOSH - No Show. The owner/property manager failed to show up for the inspection.

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