Information for citizens planning use of City-owned property, including streets, parks, City Plaza and other public ways.

Do you or your group want to use City property? For a block party or a softball tournament or a music festival or a parade or a demonstration? Or to sell food at the Farmers Market or on City Plaza? If so, you or the group may need to get the City's permission. See the "Citizens Guide to Use of Public Property" for basic information on the private use of City property including whether permission is needed, fees are charged, or insurance is required.

There is more detailed information available for "parades" or "public assemblies" (a group of more than 25 people wanting to use the City streets and/or City Plaza and/or the sidewalks or more than 100 people wanting to use any City park) in the "Parades and Public Assemblies Information Sheet."

Information guides

Parade, Assembly & Special Events Toolkit - 9/22
Citizens' guide to use of public property
Parades and public assemblies information sheet
Ordinance governing use of public ways and property - 4/04
Memo from City Attorney: Protest Activity - First Amendment parameters (04/15/2021)


  • Parade/public assembly permit (includes park use) A route map must be included for it to be considered a complete application for a date reservation! City response can take up to 5 working days for a parade/assembly application.

[e.g. rally, parade, picket, demonstration]
If a parade or public assembly will be on municipal sidewalks, streets, City Plaza or any City Park, contact the City Clerk's Office, 319-356-5042 with questions. 

If a parade or public assembly will occur in any City park and a shelter is needed, contact Jeff Sears, (Parks & Recreation), 319-356-5034 with questions.

Map of City Park
Map of City Plaza (Ped Mall)

Sidewalk retailing

Ordinance No. 18-4771 provides that a sidewalk retailing permit may be issued to individual retailers allowing placement of merchandise on the sidewalk. This permit will be in effect from March 1 through October 31, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Under this provision, a permit may be issued to any individual retailer who completes the application, provides proof of liability insurance naming the City as an additional insured, and abides by the rules for sidewalk retailing established by the City Manager.

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