Even during a pandemic, the Census is an essential part of the country, the state, and our city. The Census occurs just once every ten years, making it essential that every person is counted in 2020.

With Wednesday, April 1, 2020 being Census Day across the country, the City wants to remind residents to fill out the Census form they have received in the mail. You can respond online, on the phone, or through the mail. 

Census information helps determine how approximately $600 billion in federal funds are spent each year on healthcare, schools, and housing programs, how many congressional representatives the state has in the US Congress, and the amount of federal student loans students can receive. 

All information given to the Census Bureau is completely confidential. In fact, it is a federal crime for any Census information to be improperly released. 

For more Census information, visit 2020census.gov/. To see a map of Census completion rates state-by-state, visit the Census's map online. Iowa currently only trails Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin in completion rate in the country, so let's unite and take down oUr Big Ten rivals! 

Date of publication

Wednesday, April 01, 2020