The Repair & Upcycle Series (late January through mid-March) is going virtual this year, and will offer digital resources on a wide variety of do it yourself (DIY) and at-home topics. All are welcome to join the waste reduction fun, and there is no cost to participate. 

Each week’s topics will be centered around a theme, like metal, glass, and many more. Tuesdays will feature upcycling topics, while Thursdays will focus on repair topics. 

The purpose of this series is to educate residents on the importance of waste reduction, and to offer resources on ways to reduce waste through reuse, repair, and upcycling. Waste reduction supports Iowa City's climate action goals, and it reduces our environmental impact by finding creative ways to continue using the "stuff" we already have.  

Series Timeline and Topics 
  • Week 1: Fabric
    • January 26: Make T-shirt Yarn
    • January 28: Sew on a Button
  • Week 2: Fabric
    • February 2: Weave T-shirt Yarn into Rag Rug
    • February 4: Repair a Torn Seam
  • Week 3: Metal 
    • February 9: Turn Bottle Caps into Refrigerator Magnets 
    • February 11: Clean a Scorched Pan 
  • Week 4: Plastic
    • February 16: Make a Bird Feeder from a Plastic Bottle 
    • February 18: Repair a Shoe Sole Hole 
  • Week 5: Glass
    • February 23: Use Cracked Ceramics to Better Your Garden 
    • February 25: Remove Scratches from Glass
  • Week 6: Paper/Wood
    • March 2: Beautify Non-Recyclable Boxes for Another Use
    • March 4: Repair Wood Furniture 
  • Week 7: Food
    • March 9: Use Banana Peels for Beauty, Cleaning, Gardening, & First Aid 
    • March 11: Revive Wilted Vegetables 

Event information is available at, and weekly updates will be posted at the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Facebook page. 

For questions, please contact Jane Wilch, the Recycling Coordinator, at 319-887-6110, or

Date of publication

Friday, January 22, 2021