Iowa City Update is a weekly video featuring City of Iowa City projects, programs and events. Topics this week include a major study of the Iowa City Transit System, a gathering in support of the City’s Climate Action Plan, and more. Click the image below to watch Iowa City Update.

Transit Study

Learn about a comprehensive study being done to identify changes that would get more people riding the bus. Don’t miss the chance to help design your ideal transit system.

IC Climate Expo

Join us at Big Grove Brewery for a meeting of the minds as we explore the City’s new Climate Action Plan and ways that you can help us meet our community goals.

Composting Pumpkins

Keep those jack-o-lanterns out of the trash! Learn the different ways you can compost pumpkins with the City, plus other ways to “green” your Halloween.

REAP Grant for Terry Trueblood

The Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department has earned some DNR funding for ecological restoration at one of the City’s most popular recreation areas.

Date of publication

Monday, October 28, 2019