Iowa City Update is a weekly video featuring City of Iowa City projects, programs and events. Topics this week include grants to help organizations with Coronavirus efforts, a matching fund program for public art projects, and more. Click the image below to watch Iowa City Update.

CDBG Funding for COVID-19 Relief 

Learn how organizations who serve low- and moderate-income individuals can apply for funding to be used for community response to the Coronavirus.

Reuse and Recycle when Moving

Whether you're moving in or moving out, make sure you know what items can be recycled. You can also cut down on waste at the landfill by donating items in good condition using our consignment directory

Virtual Monarch Festival

Along with an online video series that teaches you how to raise Monarchs at home, this week's activities also include a take-home craft that can be picked up using a contact-free process.

Public Art Matching Fund Program

Calling all Iowa City artists! Learn how you can apply to help fund a visual, audio, or performance-based public art project.

Date of publication

Monday, August 03, 2020