The Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department will be planting street trees in the Mackinaw Village Neighborhood located north of Foster Road just west of Dubuque Street. Contractors will start planting the 200+ trees on Friday, June 4, 2021. Planting is expected to be completed by approximately Tuesday, June 15. Please be advised that work can be delayed or shifted depending upon inclement weather.  

The Mackinaw Village Neighborhood was identified in the 2016 Tree Inventory as a place in the city that could benefit from additional tree plantings. The project goal is to increase tree-lined streets, while improving tree canopy coverage and supporting the city's climate action initiatives. The trees will be planted in the City-owned rights-of-way throughout the neighborhood. Right-of-way includes the area between the curb and sidewalk. 

Trees appropriate to each planting location have been selected from a diverse species list. Species diversity is important to limit the impact of any future tree pests or diseases. Considerations include flood resilient trees, species that improve bank stabilization efforts, and species that support wildlife. The trees will work to clean the air, soak up runoff, reduce utility bills, increase property values, and beautify the area. 

Not all properties in the neighborhood will receive a tree. Planting locations have been selected with care to ensure existing trees, utilities and infrastructure are conducive to tree planting. 

For questions about this project please contact the City Forester, Rae Lynn Schepers by email at

Date of publication

Tuesday, June 01, 2021