In order to better serve our customers and the students of Southeast Junior High, Regina and City High School, Iowa City Transit will be making several changes to the AM and PM Eastside Loop routes effective August 24, 2015. These changes are necessary due to the earlier start times released by the Iowa City school district for the upcoming school year as well as the ongoing First Avenue Grade Separation project that is expected to continue through to next summer. Detailed route and schedule changes are as follows: 

AM Eastside Loop changes 

The AM Eastside Loop will begin on Muscatine Avenue at stop number 7258 adjacent to the 1st Avenue Hy-Vee at 6:45AM. The route will drop passengers off at City High School on Morningside Drive at 6:51AM and 7:51AM, at Regina on Rochester Avenue at 6:54AM and 7:54AM, and at Southeast Junior High at the intersection of William Street & Bradford Drive at approximately 7:10AM and 7:37AM

The AM Eastside Loop will no longer service the Sycamore Mall or 1st Avenue south of Muscatine Avenue. Students who normally catch the AM Eastside Loop on Lakeside Drive, Miami Drive, California Avenue, Burns Avenue, Taylor Drive, or Broadway Street will be able to use the same stops but will need to wait for the bus 10 minutes earlier than last year. 

PM Eastside Loop changes 

The PM Eastside Loop will keep the same time schedule as last year and will begin its route at 3:20PM at Regina on Rochester Avenue. Once the PM Eastside Loop arrives at Southeast Junior High at 3:31 PM (2:21PM on Thursdays), the bus will turn left on Bradford Drive, left on Dover Street, right on Wayne Avenue, right on Village Road and then left on Wellington Drive to Scott Boulevard. The route and schedule will remain the same as last year from this point on. 

For route and schedule information please visit us at or contact the Transportation & Resource Management Department at (319) 356-5151.

Date of publication

Wednesday, August 05, 2015