Weather permitting, beginning Wednesday, April 13, 2016, the westbound lane of Melrose Ave. will be closed between Sunset St. and Birkdale Ct. so crews can begin work on roadway widening and pavement repair work. Westbound traffic on Melrose Ave. will not be allowed to continue past the Sunset St. intersection. Westbound traffic will be detoured south on Sunset St. to Benton St., west on Benton St.  to Mormon Trek Blvd., and north on Mormon Trek Blvd. back to Melrose Ave.

Eastbound traffic on Melrose Ave. will continue through the work area on the remaining open lane.  There will be no detour for eastbound traffic.

This is the first stage of work for a project that will widen Melrose Ave. in this location to construct a left-turn lane, rebuild and realign the north leg of the Melrose and Sunset intersection, and replace traffic signals at the intersection. This inititial stage of the larger project is anticipated to take approximately one week; however, Transit route detours will remain in effect for a longer period.

Transit route information:

On Wednesday, April 13, the Westwinds, Night/Weekend Westwinds, Westside Hospital and Melrose Express will detour outbound due to the closure of the westbound lane of Melrose Ave. between Sunset St. and Birkdale Ct. All buses will detour using Sunset St. to Benton St. to Mormon Trek Blvd. Inbound travel on Melrose Ave. is not affected; however, traffic-related delays may occur. Normal service is expected to resume on Monday, May 23. Please see below for stop closure and route specific information:

Westside Hospital: Once the Westside Hospital route reaches the intersection of Mormon Trek and Benton St., it will turn left onto Mormon Trek and continue its normal route.

Westwinds: Upon reaching the intersection of Mormon Trek Blvd. and Benton St., the Westwinds will turn right onto Mormon Trek Blvd., and then left onto Bartelt Rd. into the Pheasant Ridge apartment complex. The Westwinds will then turn right from Bartelt Rd. onto Mormon Trek Blvd. and will resume its normal route.

Night/Weekend Westwinds: The Night/Weekend Westwinds route will turn left onto Sunset St. and continue heading outbound.

Melrose Express:  The Melrose Express will not serve any outbound bus stops in downtown Iowa City, Newton Rd., Hawkins Dr. and Melrose Ave. Once leaving from the interchange, Melrose Express will be in service beginning from its turnaround point at Chatham Oaks. Customers who normally board the outbound Melrose Express from the temporary interchange will need to transfer to an outbound Plaen View, Westwinds, Westside Hospital or Oakcrest bus if they need to travel to UIHC or anywhere along Melrose Ave. The inbound Melrose Express from Chatham Oaks will be using its normal route.

Stops closed:

Melrose Ave. & Sunset St. - 8208
Melrose Ave. & Sunset St. - 8150
Melrose Ave. & Emerald St. -  8209
Melrose Ave. & Westgate St. - 8211 
Melrose Ave. & MacBride Rd. - 8213
Melrose Ave. & Finkbine Ln. -  8215
Westwinds Dr. & Willowind Pl. - 8222
Westwinds Dr. & Roberts Road - 8224
Melrose Ave. & Westwinds Dr. - 8220 

Outbound Melrose Express stops closed:

Melrose Ave. & Westwinds Dr. - 8219
Melrose Ave. & Hawkeye  Dr. - 8300
Melrose Ave. & Dublin Dr. - 8302
Melrose Ave. & Kennedy Pkwy. - 8304

For more information regarding Transit routes, contact the Transportation and Resource Management Department at 319-356-5151 or visit For information regarding the road construction project, contact the City of University Heights at 319-337-6900 or visit

Date of publication

Tuesday, April 12, 2016