The City of Iowa City strongly encourage parents and guardians of students attending east Iowa City schools - particularly South East Junior High and City High - to consider having students walk or bike to school this fall. Due to the closure of the American Legion Road and Scott Boulevard intersection, traffic is going to be quite heavy on First Avenue and Court Street. Travelers can avoid delays and congestion by opting to bike or walk to South East Junior High and City High.

The Court Hill Trail, which extends from James McPherson Park to Scott Park and Iowa City's easternmost neighborhoods, connects students who live near the trail to City High and South East Junior High.

Additionally, newly marked BIKEWAYs, provide routes to City High and South East Junior High via low-volume streets for students living in and near the Longfellow neighborhood.

Parents of South East and City High students living outside this area may wish to consider pick up and drop off from sites located along the trails—such as parks—from which students can walk a short distance to the schools.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County (MPOJC) has created a map of bike trails and walkways to improve your child’s trip to and from school. View the map here.

Picture of a bikeway sign

Date of publication

Thursday, August 19, 2021