Vehicles will begin driving on an elevated portion of Dubuque Street Wednesday.

Beginning at 6 a.m., Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2017, drivers will use the newly paved and elevated southbound lanes on Dubuque Street, between Foster Road and Mayflower Residence Hall, then switch back to the northbound lanes between the residence hall and Park Road. A video explaining the change for drivers is also available. 

“The crossover will be just like what everyone saw last year where we were switching between north and southbound lanes, it will just have a change in elevation,” Special Project Administrator Melissa Clow said.

Pedestrians should also take note of this change. The traffic changeover will route them on the new Iowa River Trail between Foster Road and the temporary traffic signals north of Mayflower, where they will cross Dubuque Street. They will then follow a new, temporary sidewalk in the median behind the southbound curb to the current pedestrian route south of Mayflower. A pedestrian map is included.

Drivers will again experience a traffic change later this fall, when vehicles will use new southbound lanes all the way from Foster Road to Park Road. The City will provide notice as work progresses and another traffic pattern change approaches.  

The Iowa City Gateway Project is a flood mitigation effort that is elevating Dubuque Street while raising and replacing the Park Road Bridge. To receive project updates, be sure to sign-up for City of Iowa City e-subscriptions, and follow the City of Iowa City on Facebook and Twitter using #ICgateway. To learn more visit

A map of the pedestrian detour on Dubuque Street
A map of the pedestrian detour on Dubuque Street

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017