The Johnson County Joint Emergency Communications Center (JECC) and the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) will conduct a test of the Johnson County Emergency Notification System (JCENS) on Friday, Sept. 25, 2020.

Johnson County uses the JCENS high-speed telephone emergency notification services for mass public safety notices such as lost persons, amber alerts or emergency evacuations or other priority messages during times of crisis. The JCENS system gives officials the ability to deliver pre-recorded emergency telephone notification and information messages to targeted areas or the entire county.

On Friday, Sept. 25, the test will be specifically for the systems’ Special Needs groups for residents of Johnson County who are hearing or vision impaired or have limited mobility. A phone and/or text message will be sent to those who have signed up for one or more Special Needs groups. Residents can register their cell phone or landline to receive this message. Johnson County residents can sign up online. In a time of disaster, emergency agencies would have contact information of those residents to verify their safety.

The JCENS system gives all individuals and businesses in Johnson County the ability to add their own cell phone or landline numbers directly to the system's telephone database. Everyone is encouraged to add their information into the system’s telephone database.

If your phone number is not in the database, you will not be called. Those who may not be in the database include people new to the area, such as university or college students, people who might not have a phone number with a 319 area code or those who use a cell phone as their primary phone number. All businesses and individuals who have an unlisted phone number, who have changed their phone number, or who have moved within the last year should sign up.

Those without internet access can provide their information over the phone by calling Johnson County EMA at 319-356-6762 and leaving a message with first and last name, street address, city, state, zip code, and primary and alternate phone numbers.

The JCENS system is a geographical based notification system, which means street addresses are needed to select which phone numbers will receive emergency notification calls in any given situation. All information is confidential and will only be used for emergency notification purposes.

Questions should be directed to the Johnson County Emergency Management Office at 319-356-6762.

Date of publication

Thursday, September 24, 2020