Art students from South East Junior High School will create a mural along the Longfellow Pedestrian Tunnel.

Students will be in the neighborhood to do their work on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.

The tunnel runs under the Iowa Interstate Railroad tracks and links the Longfellow and Lucas Farms neighborhoods in east Iowa City.

Students designed the theme of the Long Fellow mural and call it “a walk through a world of imaginary animals and vegetation.” The majority of the work will be done in the classroom where students will create stencils to be used to paint the mural. The exterior supports at both ends of the tunnel will also feature student artwork. This is the first in a series of murals that will be painted on the tunnel twice a year.

South East Junior High School art teacher Rachael Arnone is overseeing the project. She regularly creates public murals with her students. Recent work can be found at the Mercer Park shelter and on the Coralville Dam.

The mural project is funded through the Iowa City Public Art Program.

For more information, contact Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator Marcia Bollinger at 319-356-5237 or email

Date of publication

Friday, May 12, 2017