Iowa City residents can still contact the Office of Equity and Human Rights online, via phone, or by email during the temporary closure of its office to the public.

For information or assistance, contact the office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday via telephone at , 319-356-5015, 319-356-5022, or via email at The Equity and Human Rights website can be accessed 24/7 at and provides information and resources on unlawful discrimination, including Know Your Rights and Fair Housing brochures are both available in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Swahili, and Chinese.

If you need to file a complaint of discrimination, visit our website to submit it online, or contact the office for a hard-copy complaint. Staff can email residents a copy, or send one through standard mail along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to send it back in.

Unlawful discrimination involves treating a person less favorably than another person, because of a protected characteristic. For example: age, sex, race, or marital status. Discrimination can happen when a person is individually treated less favorably than another because of one or more protected characteristics, or when a policy or practice puts a group of people at a disadvantage because of a protected characteristic.

A person has 300 days from the last discriminatory incident to file a complaint of discrimination under the Iowa City Code.

Date of publication

Wednesday, March 25, 2020