On Monday, March 30, 2020, Iowa City Transit made temporary changes to its weekday service in response to COVID-19, including ending weekday service at 8 p.m. and providing hourly service on most routes using “Saturday” routes and schedules.

Starting Thursday, April 2, 2020, Iowa City Transit will further modify service on the Oakcrest route during peak travel periods.

The Oakcrest buses departing the interchange at the top of each hour will continue to use the “Saturday” Oakcrest route and and will continue to service Wal-Mart, Aldi, Highway 1 and Riverside Drive. This bus will not service UIHC while traveling inbound.

The Oakcrest buses departing the interchange at the bottom of the hour during peak service will use the regular weekday Oakcrest route and will service the UIHC campus on both the outbound and inbound trips.

“Saturday” Oakcrest Route       Regular Weekday Oakcrest Route

Departures from Downtown Interchange    Departures from Downtown Interchange

6:00AM                                                            6:30AM

7:00AM                                                            7:30AM

8:00AM                                                            8:30AM          

9:00AM                                                            3:30PM

10:00AM                                                          4:30PM

11:00AM                                                          5:30PM

12:00PM                                                          6:30PM








Iowa City is committed to providing essential transportation services to the community in this time of need, however we strongly encourage the public to stay home.  If you must use transit, limit travel to those absolutely essential work, grocery, or healthcare trips.

Further changes to service are possible as we continue to navigate this pandemic. Please visit www.icgov.org/transit or call 319-356-5151 for the most updated information on or to access the current transit schedule.

For all Iowa City COVID-19 news, updates and resources, visit our web page at icgov.org/Coronavirus. 

Date of publication

Wednesday, April 01, 2020