The Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center (The Center) has installed additional hearing assistive technologies to better serve community members with hearing loss.

The new technology was made possible thanks to a generous donation from George Khal, Olga Sassine, and an anonymous contributor.

These three donor helped add assistive listening FM receivers to several rooms in The Center, so patrons could have improved hearing in the Assembly Room, Room 202, and Rom 208.

The devices bridge the gap between listener and the sound source by eliminating the effects of distance, background noise, and reverberation. 

Devices such as hearing aids and cochlear implants are frequently not enough to help users hear clearly. After Kahl learned there were listening systems in only two classrooms at The Center, and after he struggled to hear in the large Assembly Room, Khal set out to equip the space with similar systems by spearheading the donation.

“I am an advocate for better hearing so that we can truly understand and enjoy the programs, and especially to reduce the isolation that many seniors experience because of their hearing loss,” Kahl said.

Each of these spaces are also available to the public to rent for special events.

The Center offers a large lineup of diverse programming, access to professional services, and fitness equipment to help community members age 50 and above stay active, curious, and connected. The Center is located in the heart of Iowa City at 28 South Linn Street. To learn more, view the current program guide or become a member visit or call 319-356-5220.

Date of publication

Friday, February 22, 2019