The 13th annual Rummage in the Ramp event diverted more than 32 tons of materials from curbs and dumpsters, setting a new record as more than 800 residents donated their still-usable items. 

Rummage in the Ramp is an annual City-sponsored effort that began in 2007 to keep tons of reusable items out of the Iowa City Landfill, while providing items to those who need them when leases changeover at the end of July. This work dramatically reduces the amount of goods that go to the Landfill, a sustainability goal that serves as a vital part of the City's Climate Action and Adaption Plan.

Environmental, human services, faith-based, and student organizations and non-profit groups work the event, and split the profits. This year, 31 groups volunteered during the event and will share the more than $21,000 raised, also a new record for the event. The money raised will help these organizations continue doing great work in the Iowa City community.

A glance at items diverted from the Landfill:

  • 392 chairs (office, dining, or outdoor)
  • 267 boxes of clothing
  • 246 books shelfs, dressers, or entertainment centers
  • 184 coffee/end tables
  • 157 small appliances
  • 115 boxes of books
  • 115 chairs (upholstered)
  • 106 couches
  • 67 desks
  • 50 large tables (dining or outdoor)

After more than a decade, Rummage in the Ramp has kept over 320 tons of items out of the Landfill. Nearly 30,000 people have purchased items, and over 2,500 volunteers have worked the event, sharing more than $208,000 to support their organizations.

A big thank you to the 2019 event sponsors Aero Rental and Party Shoppe and Hy-Vee.

For more information, contact Jane Wilch at 319-887-6160 or


Date of publication

Wednesday, August 21, 2019