Traffic control changes on Dubuque Street

Beginning Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016, Dubuque Street will experience traffic control changes for vehicles and pedestrians. Vehicles traveling southbound will be using the cross-over pavement in front of Mayflower Residence Hall onto the new detour pavement. There will be one lane of travel in each direction on this new pavement from Mayflower to a new crossover that is being installed at Kimball Road. At this location, traffic will move back to the southbound lanes and continue into Iowa City as it currently does. Vehicles traveling northbound will continue straight on the existing northbound pavement after the cross-over at Mayflower with two lanes of traffic to Foster.

Pedestrian travel

In the next few weeks, pedestrian traffic will be impacted on the Iowa River Trail. The installation of the sanitary trunk sewer has reached Mayflower Residence Hall, where it crosses Dubuque Street and continues north through Terrell Mill Park. To accommodate continuous pedestrian traffic, a temporary concrete barrier will be placed on Dubuque Street, allowing pedestrians to use the westernmost lane of existing pavement where the path is inaccessible.

Gateway Project update

Currently, the Gateway project is completing Stage 1 construction. This stage included work on Brown Street and to the south, as well as the relocation of the 48” diameter trunk sanitary sewer on Dubuque Street. The pavement that has been installed in the northbound lanes is temporary and is at the existing roadway elevation. Stage 2 will move vehicular travel to the temporary pavement, allowing work to begin on the retaining wall near the river. Much of the structural work on the wall and the bridge will continue through the winter. In the next month, work should be complete on Brown Street and at the Park Road intersection, allowing for a left hand turn lane from Dubuque Street to Park Road to be installed and the opening of the southern lane on the existing Park Road Bridge. Elevation of the southbound lanes of Dubuque Street will begin in the early spring.

Access to all residences, Terrell Mill Park, and Mayflower Residence Hall will be maintained at all times.

Motorists should take note of these delays and allow extra travel time or seek an alternate route. Continue to use caution and patience when traveling through construction areas.

For updated information on road construction in Iowa City, visit For detailed information on the Gateway Project, including Dubuque Street staging plans, visit

Date of publication

Monday, November 07, 2016