In Iowa City, there are approximately 4,500 licensed properties that have been permitted by the City, providing 19,672 rentable dwelling units.

In order to rent a location, tenants are required to sign, and landlords required to offer, a City’s Informational Disclosure Form.

The form, required by the Iowa City Housing Code, is designed to convey important information about tenant responsibilities, as well as resources available to tenants. It helps clarifies who will be living there, who is in charge of trash and recycling, who takes care of yard maintenance, who shovels snow, and more.  

The form must be filled out at the time the property lease is signed.

Clear communication between landlords and tenants is key in the rental process, which is why the City recently translated the document into the five languages we commonly see in Iowa City: Arabic, Chinese, French African, Spanish and Swahili.

All renters should know their rights when signing their lease contracts and should not sign a lease without also submitting the informational disclosure form. For more information and links to the translated forms, visit

In order to receive a rental permit, each property is inspected by the City to make sure they meet State and City code to ensure it is safe to live in. 

If you have questions, please contact Senior Housing Inspector Stan Laverman at 319-356-5135 or email


Date of publication

Wednesday, May 22, 2019