Gifts wrapped with reusable and recyclable materials are shown alongside text: reduce holiday waste this season.

The holiday season results in more trash than normal, which means more waste will be entering our landfill. The good news is that there are some easy ways to reduce holiday waste. Be part of the solution to lighten your climate footprint during this merry time by following these tips!

Green your tree

  • Artificial trees are reusable year after year and can make a big impact over time in reducing annual holiday waste. Or, get creative by making an upcycled “tree” with cardboard, books, wooden pallets, plastic bottles, and more.

Recycle holiday light strands

  • Now through Jan. 9, 2023, recycle your old holiday lights at several locations listed at

Think outside of the box with holiday gift-giving

  • Gift meaning and experiences over “stuff,” such as a museum membership or an act of service. Consider using a sustainable gift registry for this holiday season.
  • If you do purchase tangible “stuff” for gifts, remember consumer choice. The products you buy send a message to the manufacturer about the types and quality of products you, the consumer, demand. Looking for items that are made of recycled content, sustainable, local, etc. makes a difference.

Wrap sustainably

  • Most wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to non-paper additives such as metal, plastic, or glitter. Opt for a wrap that is more sustainable such as recyclable or reusable options: kraft paper, cloth, newspaper, durable gift bags, durable gift boxes.

Reduce holiday food waste with a little planning

  • There are a ton of easy ways to reduce food waste at home during holiday celebrations: make a list before shopping, freeze leftovers, compost non-edible food waste (such as coffee grounds and eggshells). More info at

Properly dispose of batteries

  • Batteries can cause landfill fires. Prevent fires with proper disposal at drop-off locations in our area. More at

Recycle cardboard

  • Cardboard is not allowed in the trash in Johnson County and must be recycled. Recycle via curbside collection or at drop-off locations:

Recycle and compost correctly

For more information on how you can take action in your everyday life to reduce the impacts of climate change, visit

Date of publication

Monday, December 12, 2022