A large, autumnal meal is shown next to text: Love Food, Fight Waste.

Our community celebrates a diversity of holidays during this time of year and one commonality among holiday gatherings is food. While feasts and large meal preparations can run the risk of producing food waste, they also present an opportunity to be proactive and creative in our approach to food in an effort to reduce waste. 

As wasted food has immense social, economic, and climatic impacts, choosing to reduce food waste is a great way to have a positive impact on your local community. 

Reduce food waste with these tips!

  • Make a shopping list before leaving for the grocery store. 
  • During meals, take only what you will eat. 
  • Share leftovers with holiday guests. 
  • Use up leftover ingredients in soups, sauces, casseroles or smoothies. 
  • Freeze food that you will not eat right away. 
  • Compost the unavoidable food waste items such as turkey bones and coffee grounds. 

For all tips and more info, visit www.icgov.org/lovefood

Why are we talking about food waste?

When food is wasted, it wastes all the resources that went into growing, manufacturing, distributing, and transporting that food, too. On a local level, landfilled food waste produces methane, which contributes to climate change. One of the best things each of us can do to take climate action is reduce food waste.

This content is brought to you by Love Food, Fight Waste, a collaboration between Table to Table and the City of Iowa City. 

Questions? Reach out to Jane Wilch, City of Iowa City Recycling Coordinator, at 319-887-6110 or jwilch@iowa-city.org, or Nicki Ross, Table to Table Executive Director, at 319-337-3400 or nicki@table2table.org.

Date of publication

Thursday, November 03, 2022