The City's Engineering division will host a public meeting to receive public comment on the reconstruction of the Second Avenue bridge over Ralston Creek.

The meeting will be held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 30, 2021, via Zoom. The meeting is open for the neighborhood and any other interested residents or users of Court Hill Trail.

The 2019 biannual bridge inspection rated the bridge as in need of replacement. The bridge deck has cracks, and current safety guidelines to separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic are not met.

The project, which runs from D Street to F Street, currently includes bridge removal and replacement, streambank stabilization, roadway removal and replacement as needed, sidewalk infill to connect existing sidewalk south of F Street to the Court Hill Trail with accessibility improvements, and utility improvements in the immediate area of the bridge.

How to join the meeting
An illustration of the Second Avenue Bridge Replacement project.

Date of publication

Thursday, March 25, 2021