Due to the traffic changes on Dubuque Street directly after University of Iowa home football games, Iowa City Transit will run a special shuttle service for Saturday Manville Heights customers who need to get to the Peninsula neighborhood area. 

Dubuque Street will temporarily convert to a one-way road, with two lanes of outbound traffic, after home Hawkeye Football games to accommodate heavy traffic leaving Iowa City. 

Post-game, and only while Dubuque Street is converted to a one-way road, the Peninsula shuttle will not serve any outbound or inbound bus stops between downtown Iowa City and Foster Road. Instead, the Peninsula shuttle will bypass Dubuque Street and will go from the downtown interchange directly to I-80 via North Dodge Street. From I-80, the Peninsula shuttle will access North Dubuque Street using exit 244 and will go into service on Foster Road and will service bus stops as close to the normal schedule as possible.  The shuttle will then return to the downtown interchange via the same route.

The Saturday Manville Heights route will run as scheduled prior to and during the football game.

Stops Closed for Saturday Manville Heights route customers post-game only:                                    

OUTBOUND STOPS                                    

  • Dubuque Street & Market Street (stop 7091)
  • Dubuque Street & Davenport Street (stop 7092)
  • Dubuque Street & Church Street (stop 7093)
  • Mayflower Dorm (stop 8074)
  • Dubuque Street & Ridge Road (stop 8076)


  • Dubuque Street & Taft Speedway (stop 8077)
  • Mayflower Dorm (stop 8075)
  • Dubuque Street & Park Road (stop 8073)
  • Dubuque Street & Fairchild Street (stop 7450)
  • Dubuque Street & Davenport Street (stop 7451)
  • Dubuque Street & Bloomington Street (stop 7452)
  • Dubuque Street & Market Street (stop 7453)
  • Clinton Street & Jefferson Street (stop 7207)

For more information, contact the Transportation and Resource Management Department at 356-5151 or visit icgov.org/transit

Date of publication

Wednesday, August 31, 2016