Google Maps graphic

Your best bus route is now at your fingertips. Iowa City Transit is on Google Maps.

“We are thrilled to have another tool in the toolbox to simplify route planning, making Transit a simple and convenient choice for our community members,” Transportation Services Director Darian Nagle-Gamm said.

Users can input their starting and ending destinations into Google Maps. The application will then provide several route options for the user that can be customized based on fastest route, fewest stops, and reduced walking time.

Visit or download the Google Maps app for your mobile device. Click the bus icon, enter your destination, and select the transit trip that works best for you. Browse our Google Maps Guide for more detailed instructions. 

The new service is also integrated with University of Iowa CAMBUS, and Coralville Transit, allowing for seamless planning across service areas. All three transportation systems are still using Bongo, an application for bus arrival and departure predictions. Bongo also uses GPS functionality to locate where buses are along the route in real time. 

“Bongo is the tool to use for viewing the current location, and predicted arrival time of your bus,” Nagle-Gamm said. “Google is for route and trip planning.” 

Google Transit is also expected to make the bus systems more accessible to visitors, and people who are new to the community.

For questions, contact Iowa City Transit at 319-356-5151, or visit

Date of publication

Friday, October 26, 2018