Worked continued to progress smoothly on the Ped Mall Improvements Project last week. 

At Black Hawk Mini Park, stainless steel birds were installed on the Story Wall. Remaining work includes mounting the name plates within the stainless-steel channel.

Crews continued storm sewer installations at both the east and west sides of College Street. Also on the west end, work was finished on the vault top in front of FilmScene, with brick pavers were placed on top. Footings for artwork and planters were installed on the east end.

The first week of July will be a short work week due to Independence Day. Crews will continue sewer work at the west end of College Street and install planter foundations.  Additionally, the north walkway along the frontage of TCB, Saloon and Donnelly’s will be removed and replaced this week.

Work on the stage canopy continues, with light programming commencing this week. Weather permitting, the stage and canopy will be completed by mid-July.

The Weather Dance fountain is nearing completion. Permanent startup is planned for early next week.

The next Pad Mall Renovation Project meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 5, in Room D of the Iowa City Public Library.

Date of publication

Tuesday, July 02, 2019