Despite the rain’s best efforts, crews were able to make progress on the Downtown and Pedestrian Mall Improvements Project.

The fencing on the south side of College Street has switched sides and is now set up in front of the Iowa City Public Library. The Library’s west side entrance was closed to public use and will remain closed until further notice; its Linn Street entrance remains open.

Crews removed the brick along the Library building, as well as the planters that held the Children’s Garden. The garden will return next summer. Crews will continue removing brick next week. Once that is finished, work on the water main will begin.

On College Street, west of the Weather Dance Fountain, crews finished the pavement replacement in front of The Union Bar and Revival. This will continue next week, with plans calling for the paving along the buildings (south side) to be finished up to Clinton Street. Once that is complete, crews will begin working on pavement removal and replacement along the north side of College Street (Yotopia to Brothers).

Work on the stage canopy continues, with crews focusing on electrical and banner rigging.

The next Pedestrian Mall Improvements Project meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, June 7, in Room D of the Iowa City Public Library. Please note that there will not be a meeting on Friday, June 14.

Date of publication

Monday, June 03, 2019