It was a short workweek for the Ped Mall Renovation Project crews due to the holiday.

The Weatherdance Fountain is, once again, operational. There are a few issues being resolved, specifically the fountain sometimes turns off without cause. An appointment with the contractor to investigate the issue has been scheduled. The fountain’s new lights are working as planned.

On the west end of College Street, the walkway in front of TCB Pool Hall, Saloon, and Donnelly’s Pub was finished, including brickwork. Work on the walkway in front of Yotopia Frozen Yogurt is delayed while a decision about their vault is made, so crews will focus on the interior portion of the Ped Mall on that end for the time being. All storm sewer work on the west end is complete.

Storm sewer work is nearing completion on the east end of College Street. Footings for the new Children’s Garden planters were installed, as well as footings for the Iowa City Public Library’s Ped Mall sign. Once the limestone planter walls are installed, crews can begin laying down the PCC subslab in preparation for new brick.

The next Ped Mall Renovation Project meeting will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 12, in Room D at the Iowa City Public Library.

Date of publication

Monday, July 08, 2019