Iowa City In Focus brings the people, places, and projects of Iowa City into clear view. This monthly video feature spotlights the community through in-depth storytelling. Click the play-button below to watch the entire video or select the individual images to skip to specific topics.

Strengthen Grow Evolve

Learn how two nonprofit organizations are fundraising for the arts, and why the City is supporting the venture.

Humanize My Hoodie

Fashion meets social justice. Discover how this clothing line and art exhibit is challenging our society’s negative perception of the hoodie.

Fun at the Dog Park

Get to know the City’s dog parks rules through the eyes of two four-legged narrators.

Bike Shorts: Riding at Night

Biking in the dark can be intimidating, but with the proper precautions cycling at night can be safe and enjoyable.

Date of publication

Friday, May 17, 2019