Iowa City In Focus brings the people, places, and projects of Iowa City into clear view. This monthly video feature spotlights the community through in-depth storytelling. Click the play-button below to watch the entire video or select the individual images to skip to specific topics.

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Restoring Historic Cabins

Get an inside look at the first phase of the restoration of two historic cabins that showcase what life was like during the early settlement of Iowa City.



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Energy Efficiency Grants

Watch to see how this program allowed nonprofits a chance to become more energy efficient, while cutting costs.



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Retiring After Four Decades

Learn about the legacy that Iowa City’s Neighborhood and Development Services coordinator will leave behind as he retires after 42 years of service.



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Know Your Neighborhood

Take an in-depth look at the unique features that make the Wetherby and Grant Wood neighborhoods a great places to live.

Date of publication

Wednesday, September 06, 2017