Iowa City In Focus brings the people, places, and projects of Iowa City into clear view. This monthly video program spotlights the community through in-depth storytelling. Click the image below to watch the video. Here's what you'll find in this month's episode:

Meet Chief Matherly

Get to know the new Iowa City Chief of Police, during an in-depth interview, where he explains his philosophy for running a department. Click the image to see the conversation.​


Traffic Study

Watch to learn how the Iowa City Police Department records data during traffic stops to take a proactive approach in an effort to reduce disproportionate contact with minorities.


Producing Quality Water

Take a tour of the purification process used at the Iowa City Water Plant to see how 5.6 million gallons of clean, safe drinking water are produced each day.


Food Truck Pilot Program

Learn about a pilot program that will explore the possibility of extending food truck hours into the late night hours.


Date of publication

Wednesday, March 01, 2017